Debbie Bliss? No, more like Debbie Swizz!

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Debbie Bliss? No, more like Debbie Swizz!

Post  Liberty on Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:40 pm

I am writing this as a warning to those using Debbie Bliss yarns. I firmly believe that on certain ranges (including Donegal Tweed, Rialto & Cashmerino DK) the yardage quoted either far exceeds what is actually wound onto the ball, or her patterns are so far off the mark when quoting amounts needed.

The reason I say this, as I am yet again in the process of tracking down more Debbie Bliss yarn in a particular dye lot, for a customer who brought exactly what was recommended on the pattern. She has adjusted the pattern to make it shorter and also did not bother with the huge 5 inch double cuff on the pattern (therefore using less yarn). However, she is now still 1 ball short. If she had kept to the original pattern I believe she would have possibly been up to 3 short. The yarn per hank cost 7.95! I know not cheap. I rang Designer Yarns today to ask them to send on a ball, I was told that if they had an odd one they would, otherwise I would have to order another pack (10) so I would be able to fulfil the customers needs. I pointed out this was not the first time this is happened, infact I have rang at least once before, and dealt with this problem a couple of times in the shop but have had extra yarn to give the customer. I was told that they are approximations on the yarn needed! Not good enough, no other company manages to get it so wrong so why does Debbie Bliss!

Needless to say I am waiting on a phone call back from the MD as I refuse to pay out for 10 balls of yarn for 1 I actually need due to their inability to get the patterns right. Also I am obliged under Trading Standards to supply the extra balls FOC as the customer has brought the requested amount. So ladies when contemplating knitting a DB design and you work out your costing, remember just like when your building a house have a slush fund for the extra 3 - 4 balls you could possibly need to finish it.

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